Rincon Institute
Fall 2005 Newsletter
Conservation Easements
The Rincon Institute assists private landowners with conservation of natural resources, open spaces, wildlife habitat and scenic values. Open space in the Rincon, Vail, and Tanque Verde valleys is what brings many of us to this side of town to live, recreate, visit, and enjoy.
Conserving Arizona's Future
The effort to reform our State Trust Land system is well underway. The initiative is attempting to change the state constitution regarding State Trust lands. Currently, those lands must be utilized in order to “maximize revenue.” In these times of rapid growth in the state, that often means selling the lands to the highest bidder at public auction. The initiative, if passed, will conserve over 600,000 acres of the nearly 9 million state trust lands.
Cienega Corridor Tour: Community Conservation in Action
The Rincon Institute is partnering with La Ruta de Sonora and the Cienega Corridor Conservation Council for a natural resource and historical tour of the Rincon Valley and greater Cienega Watershed. The tour of the Cienega Creek Corridor is on Saturday, December 3rd from 9am – 5pm.
RVFM Vendor Spotlight: Wild Desert Nursery

If you walk behind the Rincon Valley Farmers’ Market barn, you’ll find a cactus wonderland. Paths lead you around ocotillo, barrel cacti, and young saguaros. As you look, it is clear that each plant has been tenderly planted and lovingly cared for. Who are the painstaking caretakers of this special place? That is Deb Hendzel and her daughter Toni Gauna of the Wild Desert Nursery. The nursery is more than just a nursery; it is a refuge for plants that Deb and Toni have salvaged and rescued from development areas in the Rincon Valley. As Deb explains, “We work with the local developers to save as many of the native plants prior to their grading program.” As they gather these heavy prickly plants, Toni says they often have to “pray for the strength of ten gorillas.” Their prayers, it would seem, are often answered as the two women have rescued approximately 1000 plants in the last year.