Rincon Institute
Summer 2006 Newsletter
Spring Presentation Series

The Rincon Institute, in partnership with Colossal Cave Mountain Park and the Vail School District, sponsored its second annual Spring Presentation Series April 20th—May 11th. This year’s series, “Growing a Community: A Series of Talks about the Land and Life in the Rincon and Vail Valleys” included a presentation by Vail School District Superintendent Cal Baker on the human history of the Vail and East Tucson area as well as other topics which connected the region’s human inhabitants with its nonhuman environment.

Changes at the Rincon Institute

Rincon Institute Staff

May brought several exciting changes to the Rincon Institute. Lynsey Gould, intern extraordinaire, began a full-time position as Stewardship Coordinator with the Institute. Lynsey will continue her work on private land protection and with the Cienega Corridor Conservation Council, but due to Michelle Berry’s departure from the Institute, Lynsey will also assist with education and outreach programming. Michelle B. has left the Institute to take a full time teaching job at St. Gregory College Preparatory High School in Tucson. She has promised to be a hyper-active volunteer.

Conserving Arizona's Future
The effort to reform our State Trust Land system is reaching new heights and achieving great success! According to Diana Rhoades of the Sonoran Institute, the hard work of thousands of volunteers garnered well over 200,000 petition signatures which means that after the July 6th deadline, the Secretary of State should have the requisite 180,000 signatures necessary to get the initiative on the November ballot.
Ecology in Focus — Saguaro Blossoms
Not long ago I sat on the beach at Rocky Point with a 19- year-old friend of mine. As we watched a group of porpoises playing not far from shore, she commented on the miracles that the ocean beheld. I replied, “yes, almost as many as the Sonoran Desert.” She looked at me incredulously and said, “there aren’t any miracles in the Sonoran Desert.”
160 Acres Protected Forever!
In early May, the Rincon Institute signed an historic agreement with Gene and Marvyl Wendt (Rincon Valley residents) and Pima County. The agreement is a conservation easement that protects 160 acres of the Wendt’s property in the Rincon Mountains.