Rincon Institute
Urban Interface Project: A Partnership with Saguaro National Park

The Urban Interface Project is a new collaboration between the Rincon Institute and Saguaro National Park.  Together, we hope to continue to protect the park’s invaluable resources by increasing outreach to the park’s residential neighbors, involving them in naturalist outings, volunteer events, and a revitalized ParkWatch program. 


What is the “Urban Interface?” 


The wildland-urban interface occurs where large natural areas border human communities.  While Saguaro National Park’s proximity to an large urban area gives residents a unique opportunity to easily access and enjoy a national park, that proximity can also have a negative effect when illegal or detrimental activities occur in or near the park.


 Goals of the Urban Interface Project 

  • Increase communication and outreach to the park's residential neighbors at the urban interface via newsletters and e-mail updates
  • Involve neighbors in educational outings, as well as volunteer restoration and conservation projects, within the park
  • Increase neighborhood awareness of illegal and/or detrimental activities along park boundaries with the help of a refurbished ParkWatch program (more information, including contact phone numbers for ParkWatch, will be available soon)
 For more information about the Urban Interface Project, please contact Tory Foster at (520) 647-7388 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it