Rincon Institute
Spring Presentation Series

The Rincon Institute, in partnership with Colossal Cave Mountain Park and the Vail School District, sponsored its second annual Spring Presentation Series April 20th—May 11th. This year’s series, “Growing a Community: A Series of Talks about the Land and Life in the Rincon and Vail Valleys” included a presentation by Vail School District Superintendent Cal Baker on the human history of the Vail and East Tucson area as well as other topics which connected the region’s human inhabitants with its nonhuman environment.

Over 200 people attended the lectures which were hosted by the Academy Village. The talks also garnered enough donations to pay for the advertising and refreshments. A Fall Presentation Series will be held called “Partnering with the Land” and will focus on conservation in the Rincon and Vail valleys.

The Fall Presentation Series will begin in late September.