Rincon Institute
160 Acres Protected Forever!
In early May, the Rincon Institute signed an historic agreement with Gene and Marvyl Wendt (Rincon Valley residents) and Pima County. The agreement is a conservation easement that protects 160 acres of the Wendt’s property in the Rincon Mountains.
CoyoteThe Wendt’s call their sanctuary the Wrong Mountain Wildlife Preserve, but there is nothing wrong with the spectacular acreage that Gene and Marvyl decided to protect in perpetuity. The area is home to foxes, rattlesnakes, hedgehog cacti, gorgeous mesquite, and dozens of bird and lizard species. The Wendt easement is unique because it is held by the Rincon Institute with Pima County. That way both the Rincon Institute and Pima County will be responsible for protecting the pristine area.

The Rincon Institute is a land trust, meaning it can hold conservation easements for landowners who want to forever protect their land from development or overuse. The Rincon Institute’s private land protection efforts as a land trust help protect the natural resources within and around Saguaro National Park by promoting voluntary conservation of open space on private lands near the Park and along important riparian areas and wildlife corridors. We accomplish this by engaging landowners and challenging them to learn about their conservation options. There are diverse opportunities and conservation tools that landowners can utilize to create specific protection plans that protect the fragile resources of this beautiful area. To learn more, visit the web site at www.rinconinstitute.org. RI currently holds three conservation easements. Two of the easements are along Tanque Verde Creek, and the third easement is comprised of the lands of the Wrong Mountain Wildlife Preserve near Pistol Hill.

Thanks to Gene and Marvyl Wendt for their selfless foresight!

Photos taken by Gene Wendt on the Wrong Mountain Wildlife Preserve.