Rincon Institute
Conservation Easements

The Rincon Institute assists private landowners with conservation of natural resources, open spaces, wildlife habitat and scenic values. Open space in the Rincon, Vail, and Tanque Verde valleys is what brings many of us to this side of town to live, recreate, visit, and enjoy.

These open spaces provide important wildlife habitat, scenic values, contribute to clean water and air, and offer an ability to renew and reconnect with our environment. As these areas change and grow, it is important that we work together to maintain a quality of life that is treasured in this area. Conservation of privately owned landscapes is one of the many ways you can help preserve these open spaces.

Landowners who have property with significant ecological values can donate a conservation easement to the Rincon Institute and enjoy continued ownership of the land, while ensuring protection of its valuable natural resources for generations to come. Conservation easements are a tool used throughout the nation to protect forestlands, rangelands, wetlands, prairies and more. By working with a nonprofit land trust like the Rincon Institute, you can decide the best conservation tool to use to protect your land. You can select from a number of tools, including the outright donation of your property, the donation or sale of a conservation easement that permanently restricts development, the bargain sale of your property, and several other variations. You should always have legal advice before embarking on such a decision. You can learn more by visiting the Land Trust Alliance at www.lta.org. Rincon Institute currently manages two conservation easements and is negotiating two more.

If you would like to learn more about conservation options for your property or stewardship and environmental education opportunities throughout the Rincon Valley area, please contact us at 647-7388.