Rincon Institute
Scientific Assessment
At the Rincon Institute, we recognize how important scientific assessment of the water, wildlife, and land are to our ability to plan for smart growth in the Rincon and Vail valleys.  To learn more about our projects,  

Working with scientists from public lands agencies and the University of Arizona, the Rincon Institute gathers data local research and monitoring.  We then use what we learn from these studies and offer it to you in the form of community education events.  This approach adds to the broader understanding of both residents and the larger scientific community about the unique ecosystems in the Rincon Valley.

Biologist Carianne Funicelli
Biologist Carianne Funicelli assists with project
In addition, this information can be used by decision makes and land managers to make more informed choices about the future of the area and its valued landscapes, vistas, and wildlife. For over ten years, the Rincon Institute has been conducting long-term ecological monitoring of the water, vegetation, birds, and wildlife near Rincon Creek and on the lands adjacent to Saguaro National Park.  We believe our committment to sound scientific assessment is yet another characteristic that sets us apart as a conservation organization.

The following is a list of scientific assessment projects that have been conducted or are currently being done in the Rincon Valley area by the Rincon Institute:

Project: "The Effects of Urban Development and Human Interactions on Rattlesnakes at the Boundary of Saguaro National Park East"

Project: “Monitoring Riparian Ecosystems, An Inventory of Riparian Habitat Along Rincon Creek Near Tucson, Arizona”

Project: “Llewellyn’s Rincon Creek Restoration Project – restore a section of Rincon Creek as it flows through Llewellyn private property”

Project: “Rincon Creek Shallow Groundwater Monitoring Program, Rincon Valley, Pima County, Arizona”

Project: “Identify and Map Water Resources of the Rincon Mountain District of Saguaro National Park”

Project: “ Developing Guidelines for Monitoring the Hydrologic Resources of the Rincon Mountain District of Saguaro National Park”

Project: “Biologic and Hydrologic Investigations in Support of In-stream Water Right Application, Rincon Creek, Saguaro National Park

Project: “Community-driven Restoration, Conservation, and Long-term Protection of Rincon Creek”

Project: “Restore Sites and Expand Wildlife Habitat Previously Impacted by Visitors in the Madrona area of Saguaro National Park”