Rincon Institute
Outreach and Education
Volunteer Programs
Volunteers have played an important part in the growth and success of the Institute's community programs. Students, Rincon Valley residents, and visiting scholars have performed critical background research, assisted with field studies, and provided outside guidance for our science program. The work of a Rincon Valley volunteer is rewarding because our volunteers know they are contributing to the conservation of the natural heritage of east Tucson. Most volunteers participate in restoration projects such as controlling invasive plant species, watering newly planted native plants, and replanting native plants.  Volunteers can also participate in a wide variety of other tasks around the Rincon Valley such as helping out with the Rincon Valley Farmers Market, or gathering data on visitor use of Saguaro National Park East.
Working with teachers

The Rincon Institute helps support the efforts of teachers in the Tucson, Tanque Verde, and Vail School Districts who are interested in incorporating environmental education into their curriculum. 


Nature Adventures and Presentations
Each year the Rincon Institute hosts a variety of community education opportunitites.  You can join us on a naturalist-led hike or attend one of the lectures in our bi-annual presentation series.  We draw on the expertise of our partners to bring our members and the Tucson community exciting, interesting, and relevent information about the ecology in which they live.  We will be scheduling more events once the monsoons arrive, so check back for a schedule!
Rincon Valley Farmers & Artisans Market

The Rincon Valley Farmers & Artisans Market (RVFAM) provides a gathering place and a venue for sharing, while creating a sense of community for local residents. The Market is located in the green and white barn along Old Spanish Trail in the heart of the Rincon Valley. Rincon Institute formed a partnership with Molly Eglin, a highly motivated Rincon Valley resident, to establish the Rincon Valley Farmers’ Market in the fall of 2001.  A percentage of the proceeds from the Market are donated to the Vail School District to promote their environmental education programs. RVFAM offers locally grown produce and food as well as activities that include performances by local school groups, crafts and gardening classes, music, seasonal events. The Wild Desert Nursery is housed at the Market.  The nursery is a native plant nursery that salvages local plants from development sites and resells them.